jeudi 24 octobre 2013

A Journey in New York !

Hey, I finaly had the time (and the internet connection) to do a review about the fantastic trip my wife and I made in New york this fall !
Of course the city was great ! But most of all I wanted to speak about the amazing artists that I have meet there.
I have work a lot with Doug Gregory for the last years and FINALY had the joy of meet him !! And all time that we shared was good time, thanks a lot, Doug !
He is the man (Art director) behing a lot of Blizzard's publishing projets ! So he was for the Book of Tyrael and on this incredible short animation serie: The Burdens of Shaohao.
Here are some pictures (from of the two of us signing the Book of Tyrael at the insight booth in tne New York comic con !
Doug was also our guide In New York and introduce us to most of those artists :
Mia Araujo: is a very talented young illustrator, you must check her website and Mia was also such a nice person to hang around with !
Vera Greentea: an other young and very talented comic writer and publisher ! I worked with her last year on the comic book: Papa; availlable now on Comixology !
Scott M. Fischer: This man knows evevythings about illustraton, children books, comics... Bicycles, cheesy guitars and old Datsun cars. We had such a good time chating with him ! his work is breathtaking. Look out for the incomings Angel & Faith covers he is doing for Dark horse !
Filipe Andrade: Well Filipe is a well known comic book artist... but me I didn't know his work and I was... and still is... blow away by his original pages that I have seen at the convention...
Andrew Robinson: Very Famous too !! it was a joy to meet him ! I can't wait to read his new comics: The fifth Beatle !
wake cover final color
Greg Manchess: Once again, I didn't knew the art of Greg Manchess before this trip. How ignorant was I... I went to see his exibit at the society of illustrators... that was such a good time. His paintings are very strong and impressive ! Just go see his art, it speaks for itself.
Jeremy Bastian : The creator of "Cursed Pirate Girl". I love everything in his work !
The last but not the least: the legendary Geoff Darrow ! thank to my wife because I was too shy and dindn't want to speak to him... finaly I did and he is such a gentlemen !!! The man of Hard Boiled, Shaolin Cowboy ! Matrix !  I couldn't have been happier !
What a good time we had .... now, Go Back To Work !!

mardi 8 octobre 2013

New York Comic Con !

Le samedi 12 octobre à 11h, je serai à la New York Comic con pour signer "le livre de Tyrael" au stand des éditions Insights !